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This is the Shady sand garden section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy map:

Go here right after Vault-13. First talk to Katrina at the entrance for some quick Exp. then go to the building to the left and search the book case for some goodies. Then go to the lowest left-hand building where the healer and his family live. Before talking to the family sneak to the book case and TRY to steel from it, there will be some goodies in there to. After that talk to razlo about the radscorpions. Next go to Aridesh in the biggest building and talk to him (it is important to stay on his good side). He will also push kill in the radscorpions. Then talk to Ian and if you have a good speech skill you can recruit him with no trouble. If not 100$ will do. then get Seth to take you to the radscorpions cave. If you want, go to Vault-15 first and get some armor and the SMG. then go to the Rad cave. Killing all the scorpions is the best of the two idease. ALWAYS search the caves for some ammo. If you want you can also put a bomb by the weakest part of the entrance and seal them in. After that bring some rads tails back to razlo and make him make some Anti-Radscorpions poison. There is a sick man in the top of Razlos hut. Give him some Anti-rads stuff for some Exp. and Karma. Then tell Aridesh what you have done.

Pipboy map of the caves:

Then you go to the Raiders camp WITH Ian once Taina has been kidnapped two days or more after returning from the caves and rescue her. There is some different ways of doing this. Don't ever come barging in here this would pose a problem. She is held in a look cage in the side of the building. try to come from the bake, it is the most effective way to kill them since they will try to kill taina if you start shooting. You can also bargain for here by challenging him to a hand-in-hand, one on one fight. If you are REALLY lucky you might seem like Garls fathers ghost. If this happens you can walk right in and free her. If this happens don't talk to Garl.

If you kill the raiders it is wise to keep all of there possessions on Ian and If he has fought them, heal him first though. And go straight to the hub and sell it all. You can keep Taina with you as longe as she is not at shady sands. If you return her she will not join you again. Also if you kill the raiders you get 200 exp for each of the hostages that are rescued ( a max of 400 exp ). Aridesh and his people will be most grateful if you return her. After all of this go to the hub or Junktown. preferably the hub so you can barter for stuff. Then go to Junktown.