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This is the necropolis water shed section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy maps:

This is the heart of Necropolis. You will need to get past Harry before continuing. You can do this a couple diferant ways. Once you are past him go strate to the water pump with the parts and fix the pump. Then go to the bottem of the building and unlock the door with the ghoul behind it for some karma. Then goto the farthest right-hand door and go in the sewer. Once you are done in there (see Necropolis Vault section) go up and start a rucuse with the super mutants. First steal the flamer from the farthest left-hand mutant in the gaurd room. Feel free to go crazy now. Once you are done with them goto Set. and your done here for a while. 5-6 days latercome back for a suprize.