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This is the Military Base entrance section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy map:

This is the military base entrance. There are 4 super mutants guarding it. If you just try to barge in you will set off the alarm and that will make it hard to move around the base. To make sure you don't set off the alarm, go to the brotherhood if you are a member and tell the elders what you saw, they will send a small squad with you to help. Try to kill the guards within 3 terns and your safe, if not try to trick the base with the radios on one of the guards. To get in the base you will need the pass on the holo-disk. It is on the guard nearest to the door. Also you can use your repare skill to "fix" the force feilds. If you want to go the bang bang way, use explosives to do the job.