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This is the Junktown middle section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy maps: Junktown

middle (crash house) -->

Top (Gizmo) -->



This is where Killian and the Crash house are located. First you shoud go see killian.

You should talk and barter with him for a while. Then hang around for a while till the assaine sent by Gizmo comes over. Wonce he hase let-off a round kill him and you can get a quest off of him to get Gizmo confesing that he wants him dead. You can do this by ether planting a bug or recording a confetion. Once that is done go back to Killian and tell him. Then visite Lars and he will take you to Gizmos and you will kill him. Once this is done go back to Gizmos, search his rooms for some neet stuff then goto the scum pit. Meet Tycho in the early-evening and talk to him twice. The second time he will join you. Then goto the Crash house and shack up there for a night. When you wake up there will be a Crazy man holding Sinthia hostage. Talk to him nicly to let her go. If he is not going with you kill him before he kills her. Then you will get some Exp. and a free night at the crash house. Then goto the Skulls gang and try to join them, then rat them out to lars, or convince the female at the door to leave the gang and then talk to lars. Also if you want to succsessfully steal from Killia you have to go to Killians store between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. The door of the store is now unlocked, so enter. Unlock the door to Killians room and enter. Don't close the door. Wait (sleep) until Killian gets up and walks into the store. This will be at 7 a.m. Feel free to plunder away. Opening Killians safe gets you not only goodies, but 500 experience points too. Don't close the door when walking out.