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This is the Hub downtown section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy map:

Ok, here is the good part. first if yu want you should go see one of the meany carrivan companys, Mitchs is the best for money. Then you should go see Butch at the far Go Traders, he will send you on a mission to find the missing caravans.. to do that you will need to go see beth at the gun shop. She will send you to see harold in old town. Finish thiss quest then go see decker if you've killed Gizmo, to see him you will need to goto the Falcon and talk to the gaurd. You will get a mission to kill the Hightowers in the hights. It is the best idea to goto the police about it. If you do goto the police you will get to kill Decker. If you do Kill them, go back and get all there stuff so you can sell it. Then once this is done goto the ruins in the very bottem left hand. There will be a lone man. He will send you to rid his home of some Raiders, you should do this. You will get whatever they are pacing when you are done and a neet little pistol as well as some Exp. and Karma. If you have talked to the meat trader in Junktown, Igwana Bob is located in the middle of Downtown. Also there is a bank, library, and gun shop.