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This is the Brotherhood Lvl 1 section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy map:

This is Level 1 of the brotherhood of steel. You will enter in the top most elevator. To go down you have to go to the other elevator. Also Rombus's room is the farthest left hand room. Be careful around him, he has a temper. Mitchel the Items guy is in the hallway between the store room and the gym. He will give you anything that the Brother in power armor in the gym says you can have. Also report to the gym guy if you have rescued the hostage in the hub (see the hub: oldtown), he will give you the access for power armor which you can get from Mitchel. If you have a high enough steal skill you MIGHT be able to steal a gat. laser from the brothers in the main room to the left of the entrance.