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This is the Boneyard adytum section of the map of the wasteland presented by:

Pipboy map:

This is the adytum, it is over-run with regulators. They use Jon Zimmerman as a puppet to run the city. The best idea is to get rid of the regulators. Go and talk to the Blades for more info on that. Also don't take Zimmermans assassination offer, if you tell him what is going on he will die (no matter what happens, he will die, but still don't accept it). IF you rid the boneyard of the regulators, you can get some hi-tech advancements from smitty and miles. To get these advancements you have to go to the Deathclaw layer and get the junk off the body and bring it back to miles. If you have power armor he will ask you to go and get some journals off Mrs.Stapleton and bring them back to miles (the journals will cost about 600$). And if you have a plasma rifle Smitty will turbo enhance it (to the best gun in the game).