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The Story of Fallout as told by:

From the creators of Wastelandtm, comes a new breed of role-playing game.

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Fallout is set in the aftermath of a world-wide nuclear war. You are one of the Vault-Dwellers from Vault 13, people who reside underground in radiation-proof vaults that were hastily built to protect you from the war. Due to circumstances, your vault's water purification controller chip has broken, so you have to find a replacement. You venture out into the cruel world 80 years after the war where there are mutants, gangs, and violence. Without this chip, your friends will dehydrate and be forced to also go to the outside world (Which in the game is a bad thing).

You get to choose from different types of attacks, with a variety of weapons and attack skills. The core of the game revolves around your character. When you start Fallout, you can choose or modify one of three pre-made characters, or create your own from scratch. The character creation system allows you to make a vibrant, unique character. We use a skill-based system to allow you to fine tune your character. As you gain experience (roughly half from combat, the other half is from solving adventure seeds and non-combat based events), your character will grow as you determine. No classes here!

Combat in Fallout is tactical turn-based. You can take as much time as you need to make decisions. Choose from different types of attacks, with a variety of weapons and attack skills. Weapons include: shotguns, flamers, chain-guns, rocket launchers, sledgehammers, brass knuckles and more. If you want to see all of the weapons of Fallout, go to my Guns page!