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The Join able NPC's of fallout.

Here is a list of all the Join able NPCs of Fallout. There are 5 of the lucky buggers. Adding them to you team will help you in combat and make it easier to get through the game, plus you get points when you get them to join! Important: talk to your team members to find out what weapons they can use,then give them one. Stealing to them is just like giving them something, it doesn't bother them. NPCs cannot use armor. They are not very smart so constantly make share they have ammo and stim packs. They have unlimited storage (except for dog meat) so if you can't put anything else in your inventory, put it in there's! (it is always Good to sell extras for caps since caps take up a fraction of the stuff you sell for them!

Here they are:



Where is found



Raiders jail. (after kid-napping)

Tania is the daughter of Aradesh in shady sands. After she is kid-napped, she can be rescued from the raiders. If you don't bring her back immediately she will fallow you around. But if you take her home she will leave permintly.



Shady Sands

Offer Ian 100$ or, if you speech skill if high enough, a peace of the action. Ian is Good with big pistols. He also goes bizerk with burst weapons so be careful giving him an SMG.



Tycho is found in Junktown in the Skum-pit. Meet him in the evening and talk to him twice right after killing Gyzmo.



Dogmeat is also found in Junktown. He can be bribed into joining your group, give him an oh-so tasty Iguana o a stick or wear the leather jacket his former master wore.


The Followers of the apocolips

Katja is located in the boneyard. She will easily join your group. She is good with throwing knifes

Note: The caractures when is combat have a tendency to get in your way so try to make targeted shots when this happens.