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Drugs of the Wasteland



A healing chem. When injected, the chem provides immediate healing of minor wounds.

Super stim-pak

An advanced healing chem. Very powerful. Superstims will cause a small amount of damange after a period of time due to powerful nature of the chemicals used. It weighs 1 pounds.

Radscorpions Antidote

A bottlel containing a home- brewed antidote for poison. A milky liquid with floating pieces of radscorpion flesh.

It weighs 1 pounds.



Highly advanced steroids. While in effect, they increase strenght and reflexes. Very addictive.



A pillbox of mind- alteringchems. Increases memory related functions, and speeds other mental process. Highly addictive.



A chemical solution that bonds with radiation paarticles and passes them through your system. Takes time to



Anti-radiation chems to be takeken before exposure. No known side effectd.


An unique delivery system filled with strange and unknown chemicals of probably military origin. It is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier.


Other Medical Items.

Frist aid kit

A small kit container basic medical equipment. Bandages, wraps, abtiseptic spray, and more. It weighs 2 pounds.


Docters bag

This black bag contains instruments and chems used by doctors in the application of their trade. It weigh 5 pounds.