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Character info and details as described by:


Strength: A main part of the game. Used for, unarmed, melee combat and inventory carrying weight, there are more. You should in my opinion make you strength 6-7 at the least. Don't ever lower your strength.

Perception: The major trait. Good for a long ranged or gun tot en' character. You should make this level 7 to start.

Charisma: Unless you want to talk you way though the game you should lower this by one to give you an extra point.

Endurance: Only good if you want good hit-points. You should use your extra charisma point on this.

Intelligence: Very important skill, ALWAYS put one or two points towards this skill!

Agility: The determining factor for action points, raise this by one point.

Luck: A weird stat. You should raise this stat only if you want to find special encounter and other neat things


You don't need to take a trait since all of them but bloody mess have a draw back.. To take a trait you should know what it is. And know how to make it so it will become an advantage. The only one I suggest is Gifted, If you take gifted raise you Intelligence by 2 points to make up for the lost skill points.

Tagging Skills

Skills are the determining factor in the game. You get to tag 3 skills. Choose wisely! I suggest you tag Small guns, Science and any other skill that you may think will help.

For you first couple levels pump your points into the guns skills.
The Ultimate Character

ST: 6, PE: 9, EN: 5, CH: 4, IN: 7, AG: 8, LK: 8. Also take Finesse and Gifted. Tag Small Guns, Energy Gun, and Science. And for the first couple levels pump your points into Small Guns, and use targeted shots.